Ads Commission Contain Harmful Ads

Hey Team Kodular,
You may have to take a look at the ad network you use for your commissions to make our apps unharmful to us and our intended users.

Although, I thought there was no commissions for banner ads, now there is, that’s fine. Now the problem is, the ads is kind of dangerous and pointing to some sort of malicious website.

I recommend you look into this case.

Below is a preview of what I have been facing for days… and my ads don’t even show​:cry:. Kodular ads are showing more, no problem just let it be useful ads.

You may have to consider other ad networks instead of the start app ads​:disappointed_relieved:.

I hope my message gets the necessary actions it needs.

Much Regards!

Yeah I also thought same thing because we developed our app we don’t show these type ads but kodular show it why ?. Kodular can also show good ads to user . This very good suggestions thanks for posting this @Learn_Engineering .

The reason why Kodular show these ads. I know the reason :blush: if you want then I can explain here !

If you know the reason for this kind of ads, then please explain to me.

Because these type of ads have high cpm this is the main reason

Kodular team do not want to show these type of ads intentionally. I don’t know why Kodular chose StartApp ads network.
Kodular’s Admob/Adsense account was suspended. From then Kodular started app approval program.

By looking at the video, it’s seems that your phone is infected by malware as it opens different advertisement…

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I googled regarding to your query, it is possible by two reasons

  1. Device must be infected
  2. Ad will be relevant to the users frequent visit web sites

This problem is not occurring in random devices. I am also fetching the issue on all my three devices.

You may want to post a link to that topic, so we can learn more about it.

What does all these means? :roll_eyes: You seem confused! This topic is not even related to google ads by any way.

Thanks Man for your quick understanding. @asimjib93
i think @boban didn’t understand what i meant well.

Now its up to kodular team to see what they can do to remove this.

or if they can put these ads only in their companion apps (as we the developers can manage this type of experience), but users may find such app suspicious.

If you think I’m wrong or that I didn’t get it, then how about sharing you apk so we can try it out…

Now they are taking commission from admob banner…