Now Kodular take commission for Admob And facebook Banner Ads...?

Hello Every One,

After Kodular New Update
I Update My Application In Play Store And Its Contains Only Admob And Facebook Banner Ads But
In Application StartApp Banners Ads Display.
How Its Possible ?

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Because kodular takes some commission from placing own ads.
You can remove commission by purchasing commission removal for your app

Its Not Taking Commission For Banner Ads In Past.

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Yes. You can see more info here:

My app shows since two days (perhaps longer) just ONLY StartApp ads instead of my admob ads.
And what is this in the kodular commision app declared?

It seems this is not true and this too;

I closed the app and opened it again and again. Without any exception ONLY your StartApp ads are shown. Although it says differently in the Kodular Commission app. and in the quate above.

Sorry for the description but feel cheated.

I get the feeling that hoping and believing to make some money we are doing some hard work and working for days and in the end you get ALL the ads profit.

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I wrote my issue above but not answered yet.

Then I paid for the ads to be removed. But nothing has changed. I still see your StartApp ads.
Can any of you please explain what’s going on here?


the ads in my app:

Can you post link to your app…

sent it as pm.

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