New Commissions System

Dear Koders,

We have had problems with our Admob account because some of our Koders have released not-complaint apps. This is why we have launched the Admob Approval process. While this issue is not resolved yet, we are continuing to work on it to come up with a permanent solution.

As a result of the issues that arose because of Admob, we have initiated a more comprehensive advertising sharing model for our Koders. We are learning from our Admob experience and applying that to other advertising networks. This will ensure that our Koders get the best access to the worlds top advertising platforms, through the Kodular platform.
From now on, all apps have to be manually reviewed by us in order to display any ad from any ad network when not installed from Google Play Store.

So, we came up with an interim solution. For the foreseeable future, and in an effort to generate enough revenue to keep Kodular for free, we will add something called fallback ads. When we have to take commission with Admob Interstitial (that 10%-20% which depends on the ad network), we will instead display an Unity Interstitial Ad with our identifer. And this applies as well to Amazon, Facebook and Leadbolt Interstitials.
Note that you won’t need an Unity Game ID to get paid. Your ads will be displayed through your Admob account, except a low percentage (commissioned ones) which will go with our Unity account. You can see a detailed explanation of this system in the first response to this topic.

At this moment, the lowest commissions are in StartApp Banner and Unity Ads Interstitial. We encourage you to use their ad network, not only because of the lower commission, but also because they have native commission (no extra ad networks will be added when using them).

The following blog entry contains more details about the issue with Google, the new system and upcoming updates and future of Kodular.

And now we have to ask you something: please support us.
We are in a critical situation. Without that revenue we won’t be able to pay servers. So, if you have really enjoyed Kodular during all this time, stay with us!
Kodular 1.4 E… will bring lots of new features, and might revolutionate App Inventor world. And it will also low down commissions quite a lot. :wink:

Feel free to ask any questions about the new system!
We will try to be as transparent as possible, as always :slightly_smiling_face:


How does the system work internally?

When you request to show an ad using the Load Ad block, we first generate a random decimal number between 0 and 1.

  • If that number is higher than 0.1, the ad gets loaded as it should, using your Admob account.
  • If that number is lower than 0.1, it means we have to take the commission. So, instead of loading an Admob ad using your account, we load an Unity Ad using our identifier.

And don’t worry about blocks. We made the system in a way that all blocks are totally adapted to the new ad network. So all events will be triggered in the same way as they do with the primary ad network.

What do we achieve with this?

This system works like a Binomial Distribution
If you generate a binomial distribution graph, where the sample is 100 ads and the chance of success is 0.1, you will get this probability for 10 ads being commissioned:


As you can see, the most frequent number of ads that will be displayed using Unity are 10 ads. But they can be displayed 9 and 11 as well.
The average of this distribution is 10, so we are exactly taking 10 ads every 100 ad requests (10%).


what does this mean ? Can we use admob and startapp together .

it means that when using those specified ad networks no extra ads networks will be shown from kodular side, kodular will be showing ads with those ads network that are specified in this post, i.e unity etc

like if you are using only admob ads in your app, kodular’s ads might appear in your app based on that Binomial system, so, technically there will be two ads network in your app even if you are using only one.

but if you use those ads network to show ads that kodular uses for example Unity Ads, then no extra ad network will be integrated in your app by kodular, because your impressions will include kodular’s.

yes you can use them together

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Can we use admob and unity ads together in my app

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Why not just try instead of asking. Using Kodular is a process of learning. Learning is trying and when it don’t work ask, not ask before you try.


Thanks for replying
I must try it

i already answered similar question in the comment above yours did u notice ?

My app is crashing again and again after this update. App crashes mostly when admob banner ad is requested . Everything was fine before this update.
Please remove the bugs in new update

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Can you please send your APK file…


Why don’t you guys add google AdSense ads in creator website :wink:


What part of “Our AdSense Account has been terminated” don’t you understand? :sweat_smile:


Can’t you open another adsense account and use it only on the website?


After new update my app is crashing. I don’t know the reason. I tried my best to find the reason. Before this update everything was fine :worried:. I am using admob & startapp ads. Please check if there is any error in admob component & please fix it as soon as possible :mask:


If Google bans you from AdSense you are forbidden to create new accounts


I don’t want to be rude, but how are we supposed to know how to fix it if you just say it’s crashing?
Maybe you could share the APK so we can check it…


There are other networks also

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Creator is the workspace where you work, and i think kodular do not want any distractions there, what do you think?


There is an issue with admob banner ads. When I try to load admob banner app got crashed. This happening after new update before the update everything was fine.


Same problem