How to pick the proper ad network

As you know, with 1.3C.0, we introduced two new ad networks with which we are partners.
Now Kodular has several ad networks available, but how to select the proper one?

This guide will help you picking the most suitable one for your app.
The following table is a small comparision between all ad networks, indepently of the ad type:

Admob Amazon Facebook Leadbolt StartApp Unity Ads
:x: Includes fallback ads :x: Includes fallback ads :x: Includes fallback ads :x: Includes fallback ads :white_check_mark: Does not have extra ad networks :white_check_mark: Does not have extra ad networks
:x: Highest commission :heavy_minus_sign: Medium commission :heavy_minus_sign: Medium commission :heavy_minus_sign: Medium commission :white_check_mark: Lowest commission :white_check_mark: Lower commission
:heavy_minus_sign: Medium fill rate :x: Lower fill rate :white_check_mark: Higher fill rate :x: Lowest fill rate :white_check_mark: Highest fill rate :white_check_mark: Higher fill rate
:heavy_minus_sign: Medium eCPM :x: Lower eCPM :white_check_mark: Higher eCPM :x: Lowest eCPM :white_check_mark: Higher eCPM :white_check_mark: Highest eCPM
The largest advertiser audience Offers products to purchase in the world largest store A very personalized ads inventory - One of the largest ad companies providing high fill rates Game focused adverts

As you can see, companies focused only in advertising and mobile solutions are the best choice for you. Plus, the kind of support you will get will be much better, as it is not a giant company without a way to contact human support.

In my opinion, I would use Unity Ads to display Interstitials in strategic places of the app, as they provide an eCPM of around $6-$12.
And probably insert a banner in some screens where it wouldn’t nag the user experience.


for old aia we need to change ad blocks ? it will automaticaly update ?

There’s no need to change anything

ok brother

I’ve never used ads in my apps so I have a silly question. You can add several Ad Networks in one app and make use of them all, can’t you?

Yeah, it’s allowed :+1:


Sir if i implement Facebook ads in my app, will startapp ads also load?

If you add Facebook Interstitial only Unity Ads will show, with FB Interstitials as well

Then your commission Facebook ads will load? Will it?

I think it’s pretty clear that the commissions are only taken via Unity or whichever network you mention. In case of FB_Interstitial, as Diego mentioned, commissions are only from Unity.

One more question if i use startapp ads which ad network will take commission?

StartApp itself will take the commission.

So i will use startapp ads​:smirk:
But I’m hoping this system will be closed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not in the foreseeable future, because the servers need to be kept running.

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Sir, when are you adding unity banner ads…

i have a question.

do i have to upload app on playstore to use unity ads. i am new in this ad network, i have searched in my unity account, and i think to enable analytics i have to upload app on playstore.

is it true??

It’s not necessary according to the unity community.

and the google playstore Id in game ID section, will be used in kodular… right??

Yes, that’s the App ID needed


Could you create a new table just like this one with the advertisers we have now?