How to pick the proper ad network

So startupAds are more better or admob? I have a learning app in which i will put ads.

Just look at the first post.


But unity ads require game id and for that we need actual unity to run … it makes computer somewhat slow too.


When you add your app to unity on their site they provide a game id for your app.

Just copy it and paste in Kodular.

Check this video for full tutorial

how much is the comission percentage and ecpm rate for unity ads and startapp ads?

but these also differ country to country or region to region.
For example, startapp ads have least cpm in India if compared to other ad networks. Fb ads have lower fill rate then admob ads in India, and so on.

@Diego is it so that they disabled your account that is why you are mentioning it as poor? It is world’s no. 1 and everyone’s first choice.
You are suggesting to use startapp and unity, today i checked on web and found that startapp pays nothing(almost). Is it so, you have tie up with them to give them members?
Other than admob, rank 2 is facebook, since it is one of the largest company on internet, you did not praise it still, in your comparison table.

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Start app is too poor, I don’t know how you have given so many green ticks. Other networks’s one day earning is equal to start apps’s one month’s earning.

Some problem with me. 400 active users only earned $0.25 in 3 Months. My Admob also got terminated for no reason. I try hard to keep it safe but Google Scams me every time.

Ibrar, use facebook ads. It’s best. I have already checked and found it was paying me 12 times more than admob. Moreover, like many times previously, admin suspended in few days only.
Facebook pays on impression basis only, not on click basis, so less risk of ad being clicked by us mistakenly which results into suspension in admob.

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Thank you so much!

Startapp has poor quality.