Unity Ads Revenue is too low , Suggest Best ad network

try start App ads.

And you have a license to show those things?

Did you read this when you accepted the terms of service for Kodular?

Prohibited Content

  • Content that defames, harasses, or threatens others
  • Content that discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them
  • Content that infringes another’s intellectual property, including, but not limited to, copyrights, or trademarks
  • Any inappropriate, profane, pornographic, obscene, indecent, or unlawful content
  • Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation
  • Political content or content related to partisan political activities
  • Content that contains intentional inaccurate information with the intent of misleading others.

content which i use are available on youtube and my question is about revenue ads

Use start app ads…

start app pays only for clicks & installs

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Why don’t you try face book…

i dont published on playstore

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ok. then app next…

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how to do that i mean any extension?

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Enhance extensions.

This post is also Suggest Unity ads​:rofl:

Try leadbolts ad network. The best admob alternatives.
Even the banner ad give you $0.03 per click. If you need further information then message me. I am using leadbolts banner ad with admob ads from long time in India.

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Try Shyaam Adverts

Can you please tell me how i place leadbolt banner ads .?

best top 3

  1. Facebook Audience network ( This Ad network is Best, Top Trending Ad network )

  2. Admob ( here you max chance to account banned)

  3. Unity ( here its revenue is low, and its Ad length is too long)

some people will argument with Why i put Admob at 2nd place.
then My answer is: in Admob your max chance to bann account, and other hand FACEBOOK AUDIENCE NETWORK is totally safe)

Facebook Audience network vs Admob, who will give max. revenue ?
Ans: Both are same i personally used.
Some people blindly say Admob give high revenue,
they say this because they never used Facebook Audience Network.

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the question is, do you have permission to use that content…
see also
see also

see also Search results for 'device and network abuse' - Kodular Community

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if app is not published in playstore none of the ad networks can give u good amount of revenue

That’s right. Streaming services like Netflix for example have contracts with the content producers to show their content.