Why my AdMob Ads are showing the Start.io Ads?

I have some apps on the Play store that are using the AdMob Banners. Today, I found that all ads are displaying from Start.io that,I think, is from Kodular.

As I know, Kodular takes a commission from Interstitial Ads so why they show ads for the Admob Banner?

My Admob impression and earning is ZERO from last 1 week. Kindly advise.


Pls add a screenshot so that community can help you properly

what extensions are you using

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No extension. I am using Admob Banner from the Kodular component.

maybe bcoz your admob account have ad limitation
in that case only a small number of admob ads will be loaded and to fill those admob ads kodular shows their own ads

What screenshot do you need? Screenshot of Ads or Blocks?
Here are the screenshots of the Admob component from App, and blocks and Start.io Ads from the app itself.

As I know, Koduar should take a commission from Interstitial Ads, Not from the Admob banner then why they replaced my Admob Ads with their own?

AdMob Banner Component - Screenshot

AD unit- Screenshot3

Start.io Ads -

There was Ads limit in my account then there was no Ads showing even any ads from Kodular.

Now my Ads limit has been already removed and I am only getting these ads in app which are definitely not from AdMob.

My AdMob account shows ZERO impression since my Ads limit was removed.

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actually, kodular also takes commission on banner ads now


Ohh! So why they don’t show it in the Kodular commission app?


I think they need to explain this problem. I’m having the same problem.