Clock timer which does not get Interrupt by closing the app

I want that when the user clicks a button an other screen should appear, and a timer should start that disables the button for 3 minutes. After that time, the button should be enabled again. But the clock should not loose the remainig time when the app is closed. How could I do this? (Already tryed it with a tinydb which safes the millis and compares them with the millis at the moment every second.)

Show the blocks you used.

You should save the time when app closes.

When the app opens you should compare the tine to the saved time and if its more than 180,000 ms then enable the button otherwise leave it disabled.

The blocks from this tutorial.

So I don’t understand why it’s not working.

Can you post your own blocks? Perhaps there’s an error in them.


lcm stands for “lastclickmillis”

Make a right mouse click: Do it


So what should i do?

Try something like this:

(for testing only 10 sec)

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But the timer gets reseted when the app is closed doesnt it?

Thanks to @bodymindpower

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