Clone or Instance or Replicate a visual Arrangment with conent

Is there any way to create an Arrangement model with other components inside, such as Image, button, Label, Checkbox, and then replicate it dynamically? I thought about using this https extension: Is there any way to create an Arrangement model with other components inside, like Image, button, Label, Checkbox, and then replicate it dynamically?

I thought about using this extension [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.1.0, however, to facilitate the design, I would like to create the elements in Design mode, then instantiate or replicate these visible elements.

So I can easily see and edit the model.

I want to create a List View with Icon and Checkbox, only with native components.
I have already tested the ColinTree and DeepHost extensions, but they have limitations or bugs that prevent me from following.

Any suggestion?

A while ago, I asked a developer here in the community about this. I even showed you an example in the Desktop language I program. What you are looking for is a class (in my development environment) and this class I use in several of my projects. And when I change something in that class and recompile projects that use that class, they are all updated,
according to class.
Not only the Visual part and properties, but we included code in the events and created methods. .
The developer’s response was “No”

So, it would be very interesting to be able to create a kind of Template, and then instantiate it.
You could standardize the fragments and thereby compose a standard design.

For example, I could create a card template from a list and replicate it to the entire list.
It would be sensational.

The problem with creating everything dynamically in the blocks today, is the difficulty in getting the screen design right.
It is a lot of trial and error. That’s why I thought about it.

It would be a class created from another class, (with 1 arrangement, place, background color, buttons and even code on the button events). And if we want to use it in any project, we import. But, by the way it is not possible. See the example: I created an Exit button. I standardized the color, a label and in the click event, I show a message.






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Exactly, this is the spirit of the thing.
Standardize the design and save labor. Everything in a practical way.

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I use the dynamic components extension you referenced to do what you are talking about in my app. I have it separated out into functions and then nest them into a build function. I have a radio button function and then one that takes my info and builds an arrangement and adds my components to it. I have a daily truck check list with several sections that are all generated dynamically when the screen opens.

I have several pages that do something similar with check boxes as well.

I know that extension also can use Schema templates as well (that’s probably quicker, but I’m not familiar enough with that way to use it right now).


But the idea is not that … the idea is to create something (set of components with events with their predefined actions and use in all projects - do not copy to BAG and paste in other projects - but, when changing this “class” all projects using this class will “inherit” these changes. But, it can’t.

Gotcha, trying to help. I saw that you can create a schema template using an aia file in the dynamic components extension… Maybe that would be closer to what you are looking for?

It’s not me. The topic is from another user. I just quoted:

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Thank you guys, but I think there was confusion.
I just referred to allowing you to instantiate or clone visible elements.

It’s like creating a pattern design and then replicating it dynamically.

The idea of @Rogerio_Rios goes further and talks about recursion between projects.

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