Cloning list and not found

but i have one issue that once the .taglist called it creates the desired output but if again called list then it create its clone. can we clear list data on call of tag list?

better use separate firebase component or use web component method as suggested in the previous post…

how to seprate firebase, i do use.

Pls read, I meant for every attempt of calling tag list you must use different firebase component…

if 1000 calls?

blocks would be really gud

Better use web component and dictionary method… You can extract value easily at any time… suggesting you third time…

can i get some tutorial for it, plz suggest me.

Dont know your firebase structure… Dont know what you want to extract… Then how can we suggest ? If shared any it would be easy for us to suggest you in short time…

plenty of suggestions are there

you could find lot of solved blocks using firebase web component method in community

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