Close App on home Button click

Hi guys!!

Quick question (searched first, couldn’t quite find a solution).

How can I make sure the app closes when home button is pressed? I can close it with a button and with back pressed, but what about when a user presses home button to quickly go to his phones home screen?

Edit: Actually if the user leaves the app in any way that is not pressing back or the exit app button? Like clicking on a notification in the phones pull down menu, home button, etc.


Something like minimizing app? It will work automatically as this is not a function to add to apk.

Use “on app pause” block from screen blocks


Thanks that did it!

Hi! It works but I have an issue, I use the barcode scanner and when it is selected my app closes (of couse, i’m using the ‘when app paused’ block)

I need the app to close, whenever the app is paused EXCEPT when the barcode scanner is being used.

Any way to do this??