Close application block not working

i am trying to close my application using the close application block.
but the block is not working.
here is the block
blocks (66)
please help me

if the first condition is satisfied,
it will never proceed to the other one.

Block it wisely.

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blocks (67)
this will work or not.

Check Yourself,
How can we tell it from here.


Use else block instead of if then in last

Twice If checks the condition of variable V1?

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v1 V1

Even it confused me at First.


it is a vertical scroll arrangement

and V1 is vertical arrangment

You are stuck in if else.
All three condition are true or false they to same thing setting v1.visible to true and nv to false.
If v1 is visible then why are you setting again it visible to true


Many here in the community need to study Basic programming logic.


These blocks make no sense at all.
What is the goal of the app? What should be achieved with these blocks?

See also here (especially → point 2):

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Now, i have solved the problem

here is the solution
blocks (68)

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