Close application issue

Hello everyone,

Describe your issue

This block makes crash the application instead of just closing it.

Can someome help me solve this ?

Show your Blocks


Does it happen on app inventor too ?
We have not changed anything on the block… We use same like app inventor…

But the thing is, it doesn’t happen all the time. It only happens after this :

When I press a button on the screen, it opens the launch screen (Screen1) which will then open the main screen (Accueil) that you can see on the block.
This manipulation is used to update the application settings.
And that’s when I press the back button that the application crashes.

Do you want me to put the error logs ?

Search for: How to close and open screens correct

Like a web-search ? I know how to do it…
It’s just that sometimes people do it wrong and press the back button to exit the application; and so will get an error message because the application crashed.


No. You the app developer must switch screens correct. You must do it correct in blocks

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