Close application with pincode

Can someone help me out.

I have an application where ihave created a floating exit button.
I want to push the button where a text input label appears where you have to put in a pincode.
If the pincode matches the one I have set, then the application will close.
If its wrong pin just show a text “Try again”
I´m using the application in a Kioskmode where everything is locked down and no navigationbuttons is available.

Can someone please help me out with aix and blocks to do this?
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I´m sorry for that, thanks for fast response, i´ll try it out and get back to you! :slight_smile:


OMG! Thank you it works perfect!!!


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Yeah it works well, but i have more screens like web and video screens in my application, when I have opened another screen and then goes back to the start screen and press exit with pincode, it goes back to the screen I was on before, it doesnt close the app, any suggestions?

And another thing I noticed is when I don´t put in a pincode and just press OK instead of writing pincode following info comes up:
Wrong number of arguments forShowAlert.
The arguments are the wrong number of arguments for ShowAlert

As for now I could bypass the pincode and still exit the application…

Use alpha dialogue extension.

Create a layout with textbook and button.

On button click, If the text box equal to pass code, dismiss the alpha dialogue as well as application.

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