Close screen error with value shuts down application

Hi, I know there is alot of topics regarding how to close screens, and I havn’t had any problems doing so in the past.
But now after Eagle I have problems when closing screen, the app crashes without any errors.

I only have 2 screens, and I have 2 options on how to close screen to go back to Screen1.

I’ve tried to test if I back pressed it will show a snackbar, but the screen still closes and goes back to Screen1, then after 1 sec it shuts down the app without any error message.
The same happens if I use the Snackbar click function, it goes back to Screen1, then shuts down app
after 1 sec.

In Screen1 I have these blocks:

Anything I’m missing here, cuz this should work?

I think you just have to wait for the update. Hopefully then the problems are solved. There is nothing else you can do.

Ok, so there is a bug, nothing wrong with my blocks? Great to know, I’ve been trying to fix this error a few hours now and it made me very confusing :laughing:

Looking forward to the update:slight_smile:

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Works for me using this way:

Because the bug has been fixed for days :slight_smile: Works for me aswell now :wink:

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