[CLOSED] UI Design Challenge 2O2O

What learning has to do with a contest ? This contest will only do harm to the developers, cause one can easily replicate a design & sell it. It’s more like getting designs from people for free.
Even if you conduct a contest like this who’s going to be the judge ?
I think this contest is pointless & doesn’t add any value to the growth of this community.


This is the reason I asked him to get it approved.
He should also have proper rules for it.

Please answer this too the users should not share the aia bcoz anyone can copy and sell someone else’s hard work…

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First :

My Reply :

Kindly Submit your apps on Gmail {for securityreasons} [email protected] using #KDC2O2O
Note :- Submit only apk file along with a screenshot of the date on which the project has been created, No need to upload any aia file or any asset files.

Second :

My Reply :

First thing I am not asking or forcing anyone to contact me or to check my profile before participating in this contest. Second thing i organized this contest just for encouraging other creators for creating well n goog UI designs and I’m not forcing any body to participate in this contest they are free to do what they want.


You should extend the deadline because the rules have been changing since the first day. Maybe a day or more.

Dealine Extended to 3st Dec

But one can easily get the assets by extracting the apk na ?

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Now I think there should not be any issues regarding this.
Else you can leave this contest. Thanks for showing your interest .

It is not a valid mail id. @Android_Stuff
I guess you want to say the mail id given in your profile?

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