[CLOSED] UI Design Challenge 2O2O

UI Design Challenge
Hey Koders ! Myself Akshay and I am going to organise a UI Design Challenge for all Kodular Users.
Although you can submit any kind of apps in this challenge but here are some rules for this challenge.

  • Don’t use any predisgined themes from any websites.
  • Don’t submit already made apps before this challenge. (It’s Request :pray:t2:)
  • Don’t use any paid extensions.
  • Only 1 submission allowed by each participant.
  • App should be in working condition ,i.e. all the features must have to be accessible.
  • App should have to be submitted before the deadline.

Challenge Deadline :
Start Date : 2020-12-21T18:30:00Z
End Date : Extended to 2020-12-30T18:30:00Z

Submission :
Kindly Submit your apps on Gmail {for security reasons} at [email protected] by using #KDC2O2O
Note :- Submit only apk file along with a screenshot of the date on which the project has been created, No need to upload any aia file or any asset files.

Prize :
Just For Learning Purpose :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Results :
Top 5 Submissions will be featured here.
Results will be announced at 1st Jan 2O21 on this page.


Thanks for visiting this post.


Don’t forget to use this while submitting your app.

I have already created a app I want to submit that but it against ur rule :sob:

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The idea is great but I think you should get it approved by the Mods.

You can create a fresh new app fro this challenge.
Thanks for showing your interest. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A new Challenge, after a long time :slight_smile: Nice Idea


You should keep a theme ( e.g : Notes app, video streaming app, store app, etc ) for the UI Design so users will Focus on the particular part and give their best Instead of submitting any random app.

Also mention about Extension, are they allowed if yes then are paid Extension allowed.

For this you can ask for a screenshot from creator page OR Cpanel.


Thanks for your suggestion.

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Hmm… My Questions To You Are

  1. Is Signup / Login Screens Allowed (Or Something Like That Ex. Feedback , Maintenance Screen)

What Does #KDC2020 Mean ? , Where Should It Be ?

Most probably Kodular Design Challenge 2020 :slight_smile:


Thanks , But I Mean To Say , Where It Should Be , In Our App Or In Our Post

I Guess In Our Post , Right ?

Since your profile state that people can contact you for business enquiries we would like to know what your intentions are with everything that is submitted? What license should the submissions have and in what format should it be delivered, images, aia, etc.


This is one of the rules

kindly submit a screenshot of the creator dashboard so, that i can see the project created on which date.

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good ieada! but i not having’ time to work! sorry friend!

Can you answer this @Android_Stuff?


Where Can I Submit My App

See This.

Can you answer ? :thumbsup:

Just for learning purpose.

Why can’t they just post a video showing the apk / UI?