Kodular App Building Competition 2019 | Kodular | Reward up to ₹ 5000-/

Hi Koders

Today we are Happy to Announce Kodular App Building Competition 2019.

If You are From India or Pakistan or Bangladesh or Nepal then you can easily participate in this 2019 Android App Building Competition, Powered By Kodular.

Participation charge:- Free

For More Information Visit walya_express or @7StarMedia or @The_Developer_2.0 or @shahrukhabedin Youtube Channel

Video For More Information:- https://youtu.be/SrvCozDbx_Q

Thanks, Kodular team | @Diego @Sander @pavi2410 @Mika @Conor @sivagiri @Vishwas

Final video https://youtu.be/twZn-oYBurY


I have submitted form
But that time I dont know
So I only input names and mail and photo no app

Can I again… !
Fill up form

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Now no need to submit your app link , only registration link is given in the video description so only fill registration page now.

Providing exact address should not be mandatory in my opinion. :confused:

P.S. The link is (https://airtable.com/shrfJEh7VRobBpQEX), if anyone finds this more convenient.


@walya_express say the other supporting youtube channels to make a video on it.
@7StarMedia @The_Developer_2.0 @shahrukhabedin


Ok | You are right

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ya | we are working

Submitted form now what upto which there is time to create app

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Submited already. Just thinking for 300+

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@walya_express I appreciate you making the address optional. Could you make PIN Code optional too? It still narrows down the location a lot.

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bhaiya kab start hoga main bhi app bana raha hu competiton kae liye plz bata digiyea aapaka sab video dekh kar sikha hu ekdum mast banaunga and aapke channel ka naam ucha karunga

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Can we also add ads as it will fill my app with content
So please reply fast i don’t want to miss anything

If you want then you can

Please let me know if they submitted the App
I will like to see what many of you created.
Best Of Luck to all
I wish every koder will learn something new by this competition.
Happy to be one of you.

Don’t open new topics about this competition. Keep everything in this topic.


Logo Not Upload even I tried so many times but banner and logo not showing