Kodular 2019 App Competition [Hosted Externally]

Hi Koders,

A few YouTube Channels are hosting a competition with prizes up to ₹5000
The channels participating are @walya_express, @7StarMedia, @The_Developer_2.0 and @shahrukhabedin
You will find their respective YouTube Channels on the next post

In order to participate in this competition, you will have to fill this form, and submit your app to Kodular Store, using the 2019 App Competition category

Good luck!


When is the End Date ! Of competition

i have submitted the application, just wanted to know that is there any specific date to start the development or should i start from now.?

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Specific date

I think it’s unfair people from the US can’t participate, I mean after all, any currency can be converted to another one.


I think so :relaxed:

why no people from eu like Austria?

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We will try after this competition :blush:

Whats the end date ?
Of this event
Upto when we can send app

Tomorrow, January 10th.


Yes…:wink::wink::wink: You r right

There is only 3 app on that categories

You arr not telling upto which date app must be submitted

I think today is the last day of competition !!

How do you know which is my Store App if you do not tell me how to share it in the form?

I participate equally, I am not from any of those countries. :slight_smile:

I submitted my app when will be the announcement of the winners?