Kodular competition 2019 Final Date 😎

Hi koders

Must watch , this :point_down: video regarding kodular competition 2019 | final date | prize amount | rules | kodular store etc…

Competition supported by @Kodular

@ProKoders please suggest something new and good for this competition :+1:


Make a global competition


Sure…we will try

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Why Rules and Regulations for the competition are not shown in written post ?

It would be transparent if all rules and regulations were shown in written format. Plus, if there is any query that could be explained within the scheduled tenure.

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Ok then i am very excited as i don’t have any idea what will i make but maybe something unuseful but satisfying to all.
I will try my best i want to be the best developer here do hell with the prize just announce my name it will be more satisfying for me.
I develop paid apps for my clients but this time i will do something different.
Thank you to held this competition sir.

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You can ask anything now | we are here |

Due to more transparency we discuss rules and regulations in the video …if you have any issue then tell me …I will clear your all doubts …

  1. Use of Extension: Different opinions are coming out from organisers. Fortunately I am subscribed to all organisers youtuve viz. vikas vai, shahrukh vai, sanjay vai and Manoj sir. Watching their videos I’m confused whether paid extension cannot be used or no extension at all to be used in the to be submitted app.
  2. Is it should be like ready to publish at Google Play type? You know what I means. If not then repeating, i.e. maintaining all criteria for publishing at GPlay store.
  3. Can we use monetization component sensibly? Not at all money making app.
  1. You can use extensions but you can’t use paid extension. Paid extension is not allowed because , everyone can’t buy paid extensions .

2.No need to maintain criteria of play store . This competition for improve your quality and giving you a chance to come forward.

  1. It’s depend upon you . If you want to use then no issue but earning app is not allowed.

Why is the registration link also available after 8am ? Will the users submitting after 8 am be counted?

Check again now registration is closed

I visited the link 1 hour ago. at that time it was open but now its not.

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ok then there are no restrictions than paid aix and few