Is Here Any App Competition Available Where I Submit My App?

Hello All,
I Create an Quiz App. So I Want to Know That Is Here Any Competition Runs Where All Members Show their apps? Do not expect for Prize…

No competition is available right now…
All the competition registration date are close…

KodeJam. But you gotta make the app within the start and the end date.


Wait, what? We haven’t even announced KodeJam this year. :thinking:

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But we have got some hints from Kanishka. :joy:
And I am 1000% sure that KodeJam is coming :yum:


Exited :grin::grin::heart_eyes:

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Oof! BTW, where did he told you about it?

Telegram :telegram: is everywhere :sweat_smile:

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Don’t expose him like that :sob:

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I think these :point_down: words from Kanishka_Developer are enough, no need of telegram :laughing:

Though :point_down:

I guess you would have some progress in this :grin:


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