Weekly Challenge #98

Hey this is my first weekly challenge and in this challenge you will have to create a fully working Alarm app ( Push notifications are optional )
You have to pm me the work or you can directly post here by 7 sep 10:30 am IST.
Good Luck !
Note : Only submit apks

Most of the time a daily challenge is something that you can do in a day else it would have been the weekly challenge :wink:. Your challenge is rather vague.

What is fully working, what are the rules and demands of the challenge?

All the work should be posted in the topic for everyone to learn from it.


Rules -
i) Extensions allowed ( Only free and you will have to give credit to the developer )
ii) You can’t use aia’s provided by others
iii) You can only use Kodular ( I will decompile the apks just to make sure )

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So app can be decoded? :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth:

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A genuine ai2 project ( also of its distros) when converted to zip contains 3 folders -


is this another creative method do let others do the work for you? :joy:


Really ? Nobody objected when @cedkim did DC #96 -

Taifun if so,
he would have asked for the .aia

Not :point_down:t2:


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