Daily Challenge #96: A simple note-taking app

This daily challenge is for a note taking app. You’ll create a simple note taking app, that displays a list of notes, and when you tap an item, a text editor for that note pops up.
Here’s my example:

You can view an interactive example using the link below, just to get an idea of what you’re making.
View interactive example

It doesn’t need to be as fancy as the example though.

The best note taking app will win this challenge, as long as it complies with these rules:

  • Don’t just embed my interactive example. It’s not enough to make me think you made it.
  • Use as few extensions as possible, and free extensions only.
  • You have two days to do this.
  • You need to provide an APK file.
  • No copying.

The winner’s app will be submitted to the Google Play Store with their name on it, for free! If you don’t want to have your app submitted to the Play Store, please tell me in your post. But this is a great chance to get an app out there without that developer license thingy.

So, go, go! Take the opportunity and build your awesome app.

(also, heads up: It really needs to be made in Kodular. I download the APKs and run them through my trusty APK decompiler, and I look at some files to make sure it’s a Kodular project.)


No no no.

Peter said in first Daily Challenge.
No .aia

Oh. Then APK.
I edited the post. Sorry.


Peter also said for no Prizes, But
This won my Heart.

Take it -


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Thanks, but I think we should check if this is actually allowed or if there can be an exception.
@Peter Are prizes completely forbidden?

We have to PM you the project or what ?

That would work. But you can post screenshots here if you want. (Don’t send the AIA, just the APK)

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I am much interested in this daily challange,but not having my laptop ( not working ) and also exam’s next week :weary:

I will try on my father’s laptop if possible :grin:

Btw, it’s a good challange :wink:

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So, what is the aim? Like focus on UI, security, or anything else?


Uploading someone’s app to Play Store isn’t a policy abuse?

By putting this notice here, I can know that people submitting their apps to the challenge agree to this, so I don’t think so.

Also, many apps are published on accounts that don’t belong to the creator (it’s okay as long as they have the permission of the original creator).

It’s focused on UI and functionality.


I made a note app, which allows you to upload notes to google drive and also sorts the notes on the mimetype like if it is a pdf then a seperate section for pdf. and also i have provided an option to select notes std wise, subject wise and batch wise… Im making the screenshots in instamock and in a moment uploading them in this post

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Nice, but this doesn’t go along with the requirements unless there is also a text editor for plain text. Don’t worry; you still have time, and that’s a nice app!

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i just finished but maybe there are some bugs
Notes.apk (5.5 MB)


Nice One

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Nice one simple and easy :grinning:

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Really nice!

(you didn’t have to use the same name, but this is also great!)

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