Closing the notifier for text input dialog

With you modified aia:

  1. Button1 click:

  1. CANCEL click:

  1. OK click:

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So, after “Cancel” or “Ok” click, there is still keyboard visible. In our case, momentarily alpha-numeric keyboard is visible.

I am going through @Vaibhav 's response on how to avoid jerk while keypad is loaded.

So please check your own aia.

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Should the Textbox be inside the vertical arr.?


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If it is outside, then it is visible on screen and not on dialog.

So again: check your own aia.

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I checked it on another test device (Android 5.1):

So it seems to depend on the Android version.

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But, in this too, why numeric keypad is still visible after you click OK or Cancel?

Those were my previous steps. But, due to requirement, I needed a modified one.

This :point_up: can be solved but this :point_down: seems to be complex to solve

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Check this:

And report what happens on your device.


On Android 5.1 (EDIT: the same on Android 9):

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How about Jerk while loading the keyboard? when dialog is launched, numeric keypad also must be launched. I mean, manual clicking on textbox should not be done.

Try this to hide the keyboard after CANCEL / OK:
Timer.Interval = 100

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Check this: notifierTest2.aia (2.7 KB)

Same no change. Please have a look at the video


Check if this :point_down: works for you

PoorTurquoiseSeahorse.apk (5.1 MB)

I can see one problem that is the keyboard sometimes freezes on the screen when we click on cancel/ok.
But this is tested on emulator as my device have some problem.

So do check it on your device and let me know if it works

Don’t go with apk name as this apk was generated with :joy: :laughing:



O- Ok. Maaaaybe Kodular should rethink their names randomly placed on :joy:


This :point_down: is how it looks on my emulator (.gif file)

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This only happens on Android 5.
Checked on Android 5.x, 7, 8 , 9.

If it is really so important for you to get rid of this issue on the few Android 5 devices, try this:


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I see this in my mi phone. Which version of android it is?