Closing the notifier for text input dialog

Is there any way by which we can close the notifier (not manually) that has been shown on screen for text input dialog?

My requirement is that after few seconds if user does not enter the data in the text box dialog of notifier, it should dismiss automatically.

There is this block. It should work together with a clock. Didn’t test it so don’t know if it will work.



that did not close the text input dialog. I tried it too.

Maybe, you should create custom dialog instead so that you can dismiss it whenever you want?


Is it possible to include text box in custom dialog?

You can include whatever you want :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s custom, you design it as you wish.


I am not familiar to use component along with custom dialog. any example please?

Something like this




When you want to show custom dialog, use

And dismiss, when ever you want


So, that vertical component must be hidden on screen layout?

No, it will automatically hide when the app runs/Screen initializes


That worked like a charm!!

I was using multiple notifiers. Now, I am using single notifier to achieve multiple tasks.

Thanks Boban

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Well, I have another issue related to it.

Suppose, I have included a ‘TextBox’ of ‘Numeric Type input’ in custom dialog. Numeric keypad is visible once TextBox has focus.

  1. Once keypad is visible there is a jerk in the dialog. which is uneasy for myself to see such change.
  2. And, once numeric keypad closes, there is a momentary visibility of alpha-numeric keyboard, which again is uncomfortable to see.

Is it normal ? If not, please suggest the right technique. Attaching the video and blocks that I used for your reference.

The reason is this:


Remove it (and the problem should be resolved).

If I remove “TextBox1.Request Focus”, then alpha-numeric keyboard is visible. But, I want numeric keyboard only. Moreover, textbox need to be manually highlighted for entering key.

This occurs because you are calling two methods at same time i.e. Show Custom Dialogue and Screen3. Show keyboard

Try to do something like this :point_down:

blocks (57)

And then when the user will click the text box, the numeric keyboard will appear

And for this :point_down:

I don’t know why but when textbox’s keyboard (Numeric keyboard) is shown, the Screen1’s keyboard (alpha-numeric keyboard) also appears beneath the Numeric keyboard. Hence when Numeric keyboard is dismissed, the alpha-numeric keyboard is also visible for fraction of second. I tried to resolve this but in vain.
I don’t know, may be I am missing something

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I can’t reproduce that with your blocks.
So send my test-aia adjusted back, so that we can reproduce this issue.
notifierTest.aia (2.1 KB)

Strange now, the first problem doesn’t occur now in your aia and also in the project I tried.

But the 2nd problem do persist in both project(yours and mine)

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notifierTest(1).aia (2.1 KB)
Please find the modified one

The same, cannot reproduce that.

I am also trying with using clock for synchronous and delay. but still none of the workout are leading to my expectation. i.e, when button clicked, custom dialog opens with focus and numeric keypad visible. when dialog dismissed, all the visibility to be normal. i.e, no jerk and no momentary display of any other keyboard apart from numeric type.