Cloudinary Error

I did not enter this bug properly so I have taken the time to do that now. Please accept my apologies if some have seen me complain about this before. I wanted to make sure it was in one spot and organized.

Describe your issue

Cloudinary will not allow you to call any external object from the Media.Uploaded function. eg. insert its returned URL into an image, set a label with the response codes etc.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Get Cloudinary API details
Use Cloudinary component to send an image via camera or image picker
Set an image to Media.Uploaded (url)

Expected Behaviour

Image should be pasted without error.

Actual Behaviour

Show your Blocks


You can set variables still, so set all the responses to variables. Then use a clock function to watch the variable, and if it changes then have it kick off the next step.

Android version

7.0 and 8.0

Try to put the selection in a virable and than put the variable into cloudinary

It will fixed very soon.


Thank you. Glad it is on the radar and not a problem between the chair and the keyboard.

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