Cloudnary database image upload problem


I have a problem with cloudnary database whenever m trying to upload data to cloudnary like photo than it upload same image multiple times

Are these blocks ok ?

You are not showing all the relevant blocks.

Please show the blocks on where you are taking the URL from cloudinary and updating the spreadsheet.

Thats where the issue is. After first upload, you need to update the spreadsheet. Check that logic.

i upload image first than upload that image on spreadsheet

Please provide what I asked or I cannot help.

Image or image URL?

I cant tell if dont see the blocks.

first of all download image from youtube than that pic will uploaded into cloudnary where’s the problem it upload multiple images rather than one than i upload the link of image from cloudnary to airtable

I cannot help you, because I cannot see the blocks.

Best of luck with it.

The blocks are