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Hello Kodular developers, my application is almost done and I’ve been working on it for about 6 months & trying to get it to perfection before I release it to the Google Play Store. One of the cool features I’m trying to implement is “Application Theme” where the user will press “Application Theme” on the side navigation and background color will change to a lighter color & vice versa. Also, once you press the button the side navigation “Title Subtitle” will change to either “Light Theme or Dark Theme” to let the user know which mode they are in. Here’s a picture of the side navigation below.

This is not difficult and I’ve gotten the color change upon pressing the button but saving the color to the “Tiny DB” is not working. When entering the login screen it tells me to end application because the arguments will not accept Background Color ??? Seems odd.

If you look closely, if the button is clicked and the background color of the screen is black, set the background color to the new color (17, 17, 17) and do a few other things. I have the database to save the color with the tag “Application Theme”. The next screen will show u the get value block when screen initialized. “These screenshots codes are all on the same screen”

The goal here is to understand and figure out why the color isn’t saving to the database so when u open the application back up the color is saved. Ive used the Tiny DB before and never got the error so need some help on this one.


Hello @jc1bryan

Look at the images below

  1. Remove that marked error

  2. Somehow you are not getting any color in the Application theme tag of TinyDB under Login.Initialize event.
    In this case the value should be another color. Instead you are passing a string to that property (Login.Background Color)and that’s why there is error that you are getting.

  3. Also in the first image, why not store the color directly(using the color block) in the TinyDB, if you know the exact color that you want to get.

Also I have changed the category to #discuss as it is more appropriate for this topic


Thank you for responding. I greatly appreciate it :pray: The error was from me disconnecting the blocks so I can download the blocks as a png lol. I already reconnected it. Just to clarify, I should replace the Login.Background Color in value to store with the color that I want which would be the make a color block (17, 17, 17)? If I were todo that then I would run into another error because if the user decides to click on the button again and change it back to the original color, it wouldnt save because the value to store has a set color correct?

first set login background color, after that use store value, you are storing first and applying after that.


The background color of the application is already set to black but your saying the next step is to store the color I want correct?

As @Vaibhav already mentioned, this does not work (for the first run):


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