Coin/Payment System in app

Hello Koders,
I am working on my new project and it is about to finish. This app is Quiz app which allows teachers to create test for their students with multiple choice questions and students can easily participate in that test.

Now I am thinking to add coin system in my app and I will give 80 -100 coins for free to every user who sign up in app and when any user participate in any test then they have to pay 10 coin participation fees and when coins become 0 then they can add more coins by paying small amount.

I know, Kodular in-built In-App purchase component is very useful for this but I can’t use this component because I don’t have Google Play Console Account so I decide to add PayPal Extension to do this, when payment successful then I will add coins to users account.

My Question is this, Can I create app like this and it is allow by Kodular or it is against Kodular Policy.
I didn’t add this system or extension in my app yet, I have to clear my question first then I will decide whether I add coins system in app or not.

Here’s PayPal Extension I am thinking to add in app ;

are you planning to upload your app to Google Play?
if yes, check the Google Policies… see also here


No, I am not planning to my app on Playstore.

@Kodular might want to answer this question