Colin tree list view data loading Slow

im new on kodular
i have started blood donor app project i use google sheet for text save and google drive for icon save and colin tree list view exten… for list view.
its work but data load its take about 6 or 10 second when app start and icon load very slow some time.
i need fast the data load time but i don’t know how to do that.

please help me?

Use images to load via asynchr method

Also share with us what have you tried so for


Correct only, you must give time or app will take time to download the data from gsheet then need to make into list then need to create this colllintree. So this as usual only…

Still if you feel it is abnormal show us your app performance as video

If you have use the images from asset it will moad faster than the url

how to do this images from asset?

Actually what are your images? Any special or common image for all the user or different images for different users?

i have try like this but its not working for me

This is not correct block I think. What you actually want to do? Based on blood group want to show image? If so what is the image?

i use image for Donors blood group

  1. upload the images of all blood group with blood group name like, A+.png, AB+.png…

  2. You have the user names into the db along with blood group…

  3. after getting name list from db in the image place just call the blood group and use join block

This will load faster than the previous one


WOW now better



thanks for helping me

now i have one more issue for this project the search function not display blood group image when search button clicked

can you give some hint ?


this is the block i create

what is global main list?

this one is new block

your global list contain lists of lists then how can you check ?

pls use select list itemlist block for each item and try, else you for each number block and try once again… This is not good way to trying to fins matching item

or send us sample aia , do not send us original version…

else here you modify like this and try, select list item list (get item) index 1

its worked

thank you

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