Colin tree list view extension

hi i am using colin tree list view extension first time and having some problem in sending data from one screen to other i am not using airtable in this

I want to send title when user clik on extra button which mean when person click on History it send history to next screen and so on

i am stuck here and can’t find solution

Use get item from list and index to transfer data. You should transfer title with it’s position.

i tried something but didnt work got problem how to get title from elementindex

Hello @Lalit_prasad1,
You can create variable List and insert titles into that list.
Create variable anyname - add your titles ( use make a list)

Use “select list item” block to input titles into colin list view.
List : get global anyname
Index : 1 to 6

Finally Use “select list item” block in Open another screen block.
List : get global anyname
Index : get elementindex


i tried but still not getting title please look at my blocks if possible please post the corrected block

You are doing it wrong. You have to make two lists, one for subject and other for books.
Edit: I have edited your AIA file. test2 (1).aia (313.6 KB)

If it worked for you, please mark this as solution.

Thank you.


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Thank @golumaths100 it solved my problem and has learn something which i was doing wrong
thanks once again

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Glad to know it helped you. You’re welcome.


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