Colin Tree scroll handler extension OnReachBottom event triggers multiple times

Im using the scroll handler extension by colin tree, and I’m using a notifier to display a message saying they’ve scrolled to the bottom. something like this,

scrollhand scrollhand

I want the event to trigger only once, but at the moment it does several times.

can you explain more briefly

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Im using OnReachBottom block of scroll handler by Colin Tree, to detect when the user scrolls down to end of the screen. When he does, I want to display a alert notifier “Max scroll”. But at the moment it is repeatedly being displayed multiple times, even if the user has stopped scrolling and reached to the bottom/end of the screen.

Is there a way I can display the alert only once.


When I am doing this is not happening. The alert is showing only once


Im live testing on the companion. Is your block code 100% similar to mine?

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You can check a variable’s value which changes when the event is triggered.
If it is true then don’t show alert else show.

My third time finding a solution to my own question, im fagging this as a solution because it will help other Koders and prevent them from wasting their time finding a solution for a thing that is probably buggy in the first place.

If you use ReachBottom block in Colin Tree’s extension, and if you’re unlucky enough it will trigger the event multiple times even though it has reached the bottom and is supposed to trigger only once. I’ve counted the number of times the event is triggered and its mostly between 2-9 times, the randomness makes me believe its a bug that’s causing it. IDK its probably just me or my device.

However, I found the solution, dont use the ReachBottom block, instead just use the GetY position and compare it to max position.

This works smooth like a knife cutting warm butter.


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