Colin Treelistview and Firebase Filter

I saw this code on youtube and adapted it for my use, it lists all clients using colin, but I was needing it to filter the client’s name along with the image, how can I do that?

can you explain it a bit better please. You want to list user which uses colin., WHat ?

the colin already list, i wanted to filter the listed data, typing in the text box it filtered only what was typed

there is no filter bar for colin tree list view, you can generate a filterbar on your own. You have to look in youtube there is a video for that but the language is in hindi. But i believe there is a aia in the content to dowload.
No i have no lok for that look in google collinist filterbar oder collintree search function.
But there is a problem the index of the generated list from filterbar have the index of a new list and not from your old list.
But there is a extension from taifun whcih work in the webviewer. That etension have a lot of functions. Look at the Extension Page from Taifun.

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