Colintree listview with bottom navigation

Hello,im creating a application on the basis of listview and i dont want increase my app size thats why im creating two listview(colintree) on basis of bottom navigation selection when user click on bottom navigation the selected listview calls spreadsheet listview same arrabgement and use clicks second option of listview then listview calls spreadsheet with same arrangement changing on apikey,baseid,tablename and also both spreadsheet column names are same but this not working correctly
Please explain whats the promblem in this blocks
Pscreen1 Pscree2 Pscreen3

your blocks are not readable, like image is small and blur.

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I updated my blocks please help me

When you hit the bottom menu button, you’re not getting any data. You just assign the apiKey and the baseId (by the way, don’t share your keys)
In each of them you must get the column.
And you must indicate which button you pressed (with the global index)
And when you get the column, there you say that if the index is 1 that it does one thing and if it’s 2 that it does another.

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