ColinTree slideshow

Please can anyone show me a block on how to use Collins tree slideshow by adding an item to list.

What did you try yourself?

Please help me.

That’s not what i asked. What did you try yourself. You will probably get more help if you first try yourself.

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I know but at the moment just want to understand it the more

What do u know?
This is not the way to ask a proper question… :slightly_smiling_face:

Plz try posting again in this topic with this -


I am meant to try it myself but I want to be taught by someone who knows it better than I do.

Please post the blocks of what you tried.

someone who knows it better than I do, will help u correct your blocks if they not work according to their expectation. :wink:

Have not done it yet

Then first try it yourself, we are here to help you if u stuck :wink:


Ok I will try


You can search on the community or in the Extension’s official page :kissing: