Colintreelistview Element Click on work on searched elements

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

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The colintree listview won’t work on searched elements. If I clicked the searched elements, it does not show the correct item but the original global list item. and if I add another procedure for the search item(global newlist), it just shows up as this error. How do I fix this? please help

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show us what is inside your global list

Hello, it is in my mysql database

after you connect to companion and make sure you have the data, right click on get global list then click Do It then post here the result

here it is

As the error says, your data is not well formed

This is the correct form of list pair:

((name John) (age 28) (gender male))

But your data looks like this:

Can you post what’s inside global newlist ?

The newlist shows the list of items that has the keywords when I search them

Yup that is not in the form of list pair, you can try another approach to get the value.

The first thoughts of me is to split global newlist by “\n” then split again by first “:” then select list by index


You can modify you global newlist to have similar structure as in global listview so that you can get by list pair

what’s the correct form of list pair?

i’ve told you

is there any alternatives for look up as pairs?