ColinTreeListView Help

Hello Friends,
I need some help to complete my project.
I am using ColinTreeListView extension in my app.
I have added image, name and short description through ColinTreeListView.

Want I am trying to do ?

When user click on ColinTreeListView element then opens another Screen and get the full details from different tables with one row that is click.

Screenshot :

Like, when click on highlighted elements then it open Screen2 with only highlighted elements and some others blocks.

Do like this

Do you have aia

Yes i have but i cant give because this is my project

I don’t want full aia. I just want the aia of blocks which can solve my problem.

What have you tried? Post your blocks please.

you can give him screen ais or blocks only, like right click on block to download and upload here so he can download and drag drop them to his blocks and then he can use them

That I needed but currently I am trying with the screenshot blocks


but also good, creating them by your self will be remembered and you will learn that.


I have tried with @himalayanxtiger given block and error has successfully removed but I didn’t get value on Screen2 after clicking on Colin list element.

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use like this, that data is in a list and you have to get it from list


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@ImranTariq Can you please tell me how can I get only image from airtable database url.

where you have stored that image? and airtable on support image link for kodular, you can set image link in airtable and get with blocks, like getting text and set that image link to image in colin tree as @himalayanxtiger getting and using,

and for next screen, simply set image to select list item, (on which index you have stored image for next screen, i blocks i have seen 1, so set image of next screen to select list item, list(get start value), index 1.

I just need that when user click on Colin list view then get image from different row

if he is clicking on icon of list, then you can get image of that index,

i didnt understand that part, what do you mean by different row?

Means when user click on colintreelistview then opens other screen.
The other screen shows the image.
You can also solve my problem how to get image from airtable ?

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store image link on airtable, and get that link as you get data from airtable, and for next screen use method as given in blocks of @himalayanxtiger he is getting images link and send to next screen,

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Like this ,

View Screen
Airtable data

colintree.aia (52.8 KB)

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Thank You so much. I will try it.

Thank You @himalayanxtiger and @ImranTariq for your help and suggestions.