ColinTreeListView not working!

my cointree is not working. When I am opening my app my list is getting over each other,
Please help …:relaxed::relaxed:

attack the app screenshot where the list is to be shown
and maybe the call colintreeListView1. set list shall be out of for each item in the list

Have in mind that some blocks of colintree become disabled when you get in again to your block editor, so you have to enable them back.

Do it like this

| When ...
|    | initialize ...
|    |    | for each ...
|    |    |    | add items ...
|    |    | colintree...

You just have to rearrange your blocks.


If you are getting more then 1 column then it will overright, because you have no if-then.

You have to keep track of what you are calling, what you are expecting, and then use the if then to ensure you are not overwriting.