Collin tree extension lag

Hey, i am using Collin tree extension it is working fine but it takes 5-10sec to fetch data and everything freez between its process and if i use this extension users will think that my app is laging or crashing. So any solution please…

And they’d be right. :joy:

On a serious note, extension components aren’t optimized for the platform, and it also depends on your device. Thus, you’ll have to choose between features and speed. :slight_smile:

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Hove you any solution.

it also depends on the length of the list(with icons)


Yah! But i want to create list that work fast for example when you go to comment on a picture on fb you will see comments list fast so i also want to show list under 5 sec but it takes above 10sec to show just 5 items.

Pros of optimized low level code. There will be some limitations of the App Inventor platform regarding performance.


Oops, i understand that. Thanks for respond me.

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use local image from your assets… i think you are using image from a url.