Color Picker Not Working in Design View, Fenix 1.5.5

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.5) Bug Tracker:
Kodular Fenix Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Dear Kodular,

The color picker for several components I have tried in Design View is throwing an Error.

I have tested on Chrome and Firefox browsers on two different PCs, and I created a new app with the same error.

Normally, I can choose a color, but it is always giving this error, I have attached below in an image:

This is just an error in design view, not my companion app.




In future please search the forum instead of spamming it as many questions such as yours have already been answered.

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Thanks! I will do that. Edit: I have flagged my post, I did search before, but my search words may have not been accurate enough. Regards


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