Color selection bug

Color selection has a issue

When you select the Light blue after selecting Cyan. you will get #03A9F3FF.
But, if you select Light blue after selecting Blue, you will get correct value #03A9F3FF but color is different.

Seems to be a bug!

Screen recording 2021-04-13 14.08.13|video

Video attached

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This is a bug and it doesn’t happen with just those colors, it also happens with colors manually entered. This only affects what colors it shows in the color picker, the result in the companion and compiled APK will be perfectly fine.

Refresh kodular screen

Yes, no issues on color codes as such as mention in the video. Just on the designer screen. I just wanted to help and report the issue. Thats all.

The designer screen is what I was talking about. When you enter a color instead of choosing it, it does the same thing.


Yes… same here… but i was just pointing that the color selection is wrong not the color code.

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Ah ok, I didn’t understand what you meant at first… obviously!

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