Color utilities component

Kodular makes it possible to use hexcolors when you choose a color. Internally this color is saved as an integer.

In the designer it looks like in the textbox but when i use the convert in to Hex block and want to convert the integer to hex it displays the transparant bit in the front instead of the back.

And when i use the convert hex to int block it expects # in front of the hex.

So i guess it should be one way or the other. FF in front or FF in the back. This way it is confusing, at least to me. :crazy_face:


There exist few possible hex values for the same thing.
As you know the ‘FF’ in this case is the value for alpha.

Not sure why app inventor uses a other type of hex values.
Same for the color picker by vishwas.
(I still dont understand why we dont use the correct type for hex numbers…)

I created the component and I choosed the (correct <- for me) way.
Because in almost all other places in the world you can find the first two letters of a hex value are for the alpha of a color.

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Browsers use the rgb + alpha format while rendering colours. That means, for the colour picker previews to work, we have to put alpha last.

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Okay and the rest of coding world uses it like me.

@Peter there you have the answer

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I guess in Kodular there should be one way. So alpha in the front or alpha in the back, not both ways in one platform.

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Sticking to AI standards is probably the best way to go
(Even with other stuff like array indices starting from 1)


Wait I thought arrays start at 0

Not in AI world.


Wow, what an interesting thing I’ve just learned :thinking: