Colors not changed in compiled APK app on Samsung S9/S10 mobiles

Hello to everyone,
I have created an app and it works perfectly on my mobile (UMIDIGI A3), : colors, functionality, events, all working.
I install the APK on a Samsung mobile and when i open a spinner, an alert (except a toast message), buttons appears with white background and white text color, so i cant tap on options (cancel, ok, ecc), although i changed Notifier/spinner backcolor and forecolor.
Is it a bug, mobile theme setting or maybe do I have to compile the APK with a closest SDK to mobile device OS ?

Does Someone can help me ?

Bug flow :
Compile the APK with minimum SDK set to 4.4
In kodular creator, set Notifier with text color set to “default” or white and backcolor to default or black
While app running in Samsung device : The textcolor in the Notifier buttons is white on white, so i cant see it
Android version on working device : 8.1.0
Android version on mobile bugged behavior : Android 9.0

Thanks in advance