Colour Match - Colour matching game

Colour Match

Its a fun puzzle style game where you have to match as many colours as possible and progress through levels. If all the tiles are coloured in, then you lose. Keep matching colours and clearing rows.

Here are some screenshots:

You can download it from the Play Store, here’s the link:
Colour Match - Play Store

Please let me know of any issues. Thanks!


A really good game you got goin’ on here. But I needed to restart the app like two times because it was crashing. My model is Samsung Galaxy J6.
ONT Studios

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I’m looking into crashes and hoping to find the reason.

I’ve released a new version that should hopefully (fingers crossed) fix it. I had no idea what caused the problem. So instead of using arrangements for the tiles i changed it to buttons ( which I shouldve done from the start…) and set the height to pixels instead of percentage so to stop the tiles from dissapearing.
It might take a while to update on the play store but could you let me know of any issues so I can get some help from the community since I have no other idea. Thanks for the response btw!

sre, 8. maj 2019. 04:16 Farhad Stanekzay via Kodular Community Email [email protected] је написао/ла:

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Yeah this was an annoying issue that I fixed in the latest. Google play has not updated it yet but the new version does not have this issue. Thanks!

The dissapearing tiles have been fixed and hopefully also the crashes.