Colour Picker for paint

Hello Newbie Question

I am trying to set up a colour picker, hidden above the main canvas so that the user can select a colour by clicking a button which shows the hidden colour picker, most of that i have got ok, But i am having problems with setting the paint colour of canvas1 to the canvas2 colour picker.

What is the best way to set up the canvas1 with the colour picker from canvas2 , I have been trying for a while now but i can not figure out how to set the paint colour on canvas 1 to the colour picker on canvas2
Any help would be amazing, Thank you.


this was my best idea but it does not work.


its wrong use set colour and the get

Thank you very much i have been trying various way of doing this in the end i settled on this.

Very proud of this, it means i am starting to understand how to attach the blocks in a way that works.