Columns not being fetched

Hi there, I’ve trying to fetch data from an airtable into a spreadsheet and then set elements of multiple listviews to the different columns fetched.

The code is able to fetch the first two columns but failing to do so for the rest…

Can anyone spot if there is an error in my code…?

Make sure that you typed correctly columns names. Post a screenshot of your airtable database

Switch to dictionary method, and it will work without problem . Just try

Also I noticed that you use 5 different listviews, maybe not shown because of your desing. Use Do it to debug you blocks and see if global variables are getting data from airtable or not

Yes, this is not the correct way to show elements in list view…

Instead of list view events block, use add items to the list block and add all those items for each number into 5 lists ,then use one click to timer with just 1sec, after the clock timer just use the variable to show the list in each list view

I literally have copy-pasted column names from airtable, so that isn’t the case…

I hope your method is wrong. You can use directly rank elements to get rank variable and so on

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I tried what you’re suggesting. And I’ve made this post after digging through other related posts.

As I stated, the code is able to fetch the first two columns successfully, but not the rest…

In such case, Have you tried the dictionary method, suggested in the third post??

As I said use Do it and see if really you are not getting data from airtable

@ Still-learningGSR I don’t know how, but this correction helped me resolved the issue.

I changed my code several times, that’s why I coudn’t figure out where the problem persisted.

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