[COMING SOON] Run, Peter Run!

What is the name of your app?

Run, Peter Run!

Describe your app:

Run, Peter Run! Run to the end!

You will have to dodge obstacles by jumping and try to get as far as possible

With the coins you can buy enhancers between those that include:

Climate control: You can use this power to invoke a storm or wind to go to 100m / s (Improvable)

Super Pit-spider: You become the spiderman for 15sec

More on the way … (You can comment the hidden natural powers of Peter :eyes:)


Coming soon…

Will probably have Achievements and Leaderboard from Google Play Games

@Peter we love you :blue_heart::sweat_smile::joy:

Remark: If this game is a success I will pass it to GameMaker Studio 2 or Godot Engine for more platforms support :sweat_smile::joy:


Can’t stop the storm?


Now we can see Peter running a game beside the community :grin:


You Really Have Done Best Thing in Your Life :joy:

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Shhh… In this case the storm helps :wink: :3

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Are you making this in kodular or any other platform?

Answered on first post

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