Comments out of nowhere...?

Hi All

How does this make any sense

I didnt put them there and besides… Im not running Companion and its not a Do It result

even on commented out code blocks

and even one commented out code!!!

Im really getting pissed off!

and this…


If this isnt a bug… what is?


Please remove the tag in your post and don’t tag people again, especially in the first post of a topic.

OK… but apart from that can you perhaps tell me what’s going on?

But your profile is hidden so I guess apart from your comment there doesn’t seem to be a solution?

Have you did Do it at once,even a week or day, or hr , or min ago that string box and Have you used copy paste that string box(tested by Do it)?

I hope it will appear , after testing it by doing Do it and if you did copy paste the box, if not I don’t know the exact reason.

Thank you very much for the answer

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