"Communication with the web service timed out." TinyWebDB PHP

Pls help :frowning: Here is my url: https ://twdb1.rf.gd/s1

I already tried with http://

wtf? I just have a problem with my web service

yes. I can remove the link if you want.


No it is not Virus i have checked. its ssl certificate error of short link domain provider. plus you have configure restrictions on your domain. and you should be thankfull that it didn’t work because if you publish app with databases going unebcrypted to your server then your google account will be banned.

here’s the solution use 000webhost services. they are easy to deploy and free.

wdym? it is…

what do you mean?

Okay thank you @manishthetechguy ! And i use infinity free for hosting !

@Mateja It’s not, it’s just beacause i used InfinityFree

Dont use infinty free its not good saying this from personal experience. choice is yours !!

I’m gonna test with 000webhost and my personnal domain. Do the TinyWebDB-PHP service requires a specific PHP configuration?

no you just need to download the configuration files from github and upload it to your server.

( if you want some advance functionalty with tiny db then you can configure it according to your need )

Don’t give wrong information. Do you have any proof? Are you a security master?

No this is not enough. Also even Firefox didn’t say anything about “virus”. Read again. Also;

Virus is:

A virus is a type of malware that spreads through normal programs . Once your device has a virus it may spread easily and quickly.

And a website can’t contain viruses, website can contain malware.

Please check with a lot of external tools if you have doubts. Like me:

- Full report can be found in VirusTotal

After scanning the URL with a lot of most-known antivirus engines, you can see there is no malware.

The only issue is the website’s certificate is self-signed, so users will receive a warning when accessing this site unless the certificate is manually added as a trusted certificate to their web browser. But this not means the website contains malware.

Then the problem is that the web component will also load that security attack page. It can’t get pass that. Try another web hosting service.

Virus is also a type of Malware :blush:

I know. I said the same:

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That means website can also contain Viruses


I have tried EVERY free web hoster and i got every time the same error: Communication with the web service encourted a protocol exception.

Pls help!!!

can you share the configuration of your hosting server?

image FTP: image
Perms of all files: 777
PHP 7.3

open you .htacess folder and delete al the content now paste below code.