Community has issues with images

I can’t use images. If I upload my own image, it becomes looking weird on markdown part and in preview too (can’t see on a posted post too): ![406x230](uploads://ovh/somethinggoeshere) and If I use images from different sites, system downloads them and makes them not working again.

I’m pretty sure you need to insert it into a new line. Try it and let me know if it works.

Hello, they are already. Plus, system automatically downloaded local copies and it failed showing images. Discourse automatically downloads local copies and correctly display them, this doesnt apply here.

Actually to display an image markdown, do this: ![an alt text](image url here)

You can just type the URL…

I just realised the previous link didn’t directly link to an image.

^^^ That’s just a URL

Hmm, I meant, try to upload an image yourself.

Is it working now?

Has anyone seen my profile picture was changed to @Diego profile picture? Why?

I think this is releated with this, but I don’t know why this happens :thinking:

I’ve cleared Cloudflare cache right now

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My profile photo has been changed.
Has anyone seen yesterday that I have a black and white vector image.
And today it automatically changed my profile picture with my Google Account picture? I did not do anything.

You can see the BG pic of mine and now it changed